beach and sea

Sail and explore anywhere between the Virgin Islands and Grenada

Best Times: When you can be here Charters with Qmon Adventures means flexibility. We listen to our clients before the trip when we plan and will recommend some itineraries to choose from. We also are fine with changing during the charter. After all, sailing should be about freedom! A Qmon Adventures charter anywhere in the Caribbean can accommodate your fixed or changing preferences for diving, snorkeling, performance sailing, adventure excursions, nightlife, relaxation, and the best cuisine onboard or out on the town. With our companion 16' Scuba and Excursion Rib Tender and our 2nd 12' tender, the Bodhisattva and Mahasattva offer the unique option of anchoring in secluded bays and still be a short rib trip to harbor towns and dive/ snorkel sites.

British Virgin Islands

Based in the British Virgin Islands and Granada, we offer luxurious all inclusive sailing adventures across the Caribbean. Whether you want to see the best of the islands, enjoy scuba diving, surfing, fine dining or yoga and meditation, our team of experts will create a unique and unforgettable experience tailored to you.

Other Locations