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Diving and Snorkling Excursions

Best Times: Visibility is best in winter months but great year round. We offer guided access to any and all of the best dive and snorkeling sites. Examples in the Virgin Islands are: - Wreck of the Rhone - Shipwreck Ally - The Indians - The Caves - Angelfish Reef - Fallen Jerusalem - The Baths - The Chimney - The Visables - Shark Point - The Playground Similar rich dive and snorkeling adventures can be had in all the islands.

Cayman Islands

Based in the British Virgin Islands and Granada, we offer luxurious all inclusive sailing adventures across the Caribbean. Whether you want to see the best of the islands, enjoy scuba diving, surfing, fine dining or yoga and meditation, our team of experts will create a unique and unforgettable experience tailored to you.

Other Locations